Hi. My name is Nick Flora and I have a podcast.  I started it in spring 2011 after spending time with other musician friends and realizing how the kinds of conversations we have now would've helped, interested, and encouraged me back  when I was a struggling kid plucking away at my guitar trying to get ANYONE at all to listen to my music.  So I started pressing record when these conversations would happen and the podcast was born.

Creative people are my favorite to talk to.  So many of my first conversations with some artists are on this podcast but you wouldn't know it since we have something huge in common; we're creatives.  It's a short hand or a secret language; like finding out that kid that you sat next to in class all year has all the same Star Wars toys.  BAM! Instant connection.  An electricity fills the air and an hour passes like that.  That's why this podcast exists.  To capture some of that magic and hopefully help, interest, and encourage others on a similar path that they aren't alone in their way of thinking.